Royal Cauldon

Royal Cauldon's history has its roots in Bates, Brown-Westhead & Moor (BWM), which dates back to around 1850. In 1904, BWM altered its name and began operating under the name Cauldon.

Merged with: Coalport

B. M. W. Marks




These marks were used before 1904.

Royal Cauldon Marks


1904 ~ 20s


1920s ~ 30s


1930s ~ 50s


1950s ~ 60s

Royal Cauldon began using the "Royal" prefix in its name around 1930.

Some marks on Royal Cauldon porcelain indicate 'Est 1774,' but I couldn't find any evidence supporting this claim.

Some other marks (1904 ~ )


1930s ~





The 2nd and 3rd ones are for export to the U.S.A.