Coalport was an English porcelain company that operated from 1795 to 1926. It was founded by John Rose, a practical and enterprising businessman.

The A.D. 1750 mark on Coalport porcelain is a reference to the year in which the company was founded. However, it is important to note that Coalport was not actually founded until 1795. - Wikipedia -

Coalport, the English porcelain company, ceased operations in 1926.(Took over by the Cauldon Potteries) However, the Coalport brand was revived in 1985 by the Wedgwood Group. Wedgwood is another well-known English porcelain company, and it has continued to produce Coalport porcelain ever since.

In 1967, Coalport merged with other English porcelain manufacturers to form the conglomerate known as the Wedgwood Group. The company's products continued to be produced under the Coalport name, but they were now part of the larger Wedgwood brand. In 2015, the Wedgwood Group underwent further changes and became part of the Fiskars Corporation, a Finnish company.




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