Terms of Damages

Porcelains are made of soil and bones. Naturally, it is born to be damaged.

You can find expressions for different types of vintage porcelain damage on this page.

Different countries may have different names.



Gold ware is also called gold loss.
It’s because of its natural uses.
It’s common on vintage porcelains.



It looks like a small dot on the surface of the porcelain.
Watching carefully, you can see a small hole.
Stains in the hall would get darker as time went by.



A small piece of porcelain was broken, and it went away.
Maybe there was a strong impact on that spot.
Be careful; it's very sharp.


Hair-line crack

Hair-line cracks are very thin, like your hair. You can find a very slight line in the red circle.
Usually, it won’t break easily. It’s also common on vintage porcelains.



Crazing is a very fine crack on the surface of old porcelain. A teacup in the photo is a hundred-year-old ‘Foley Wileman'. I’ve never seen Wileman without crazing.
Don’t worry. It won’t break.