Types of cup

Vintage porcelain teacups have various sizes and shapes.

Also, we call them by different names.

On this page, you can find how collectors call them by their shape.

Depending on the shape of their teacups, different nations may have different names.

Espresso And Demitasse Cup


The espresso cup is also called ‘Esso’.
Capacity: 50~100 ml.
Rip diameter: 3~4cm.

It’s the smallest cup size in the vintage porcelain world.


Demitasse is also called ‘Demi’.

It’s similar to an espresso cup.

But usually, when we call Demi, it’s a little bigger than Esso.

Chocolate Cup And Bouillon Cup


Chocolate cups are taller than common Demitasse.
Its height is usually 6~8cm.

Many of them have high handles.


‘Bouillon’ is a French word meaning a thin and clear soup.

They have both handles, and they are usually smaller than soup bowls.

Coffee Cup


A coffee cup is a little smaller than a teacup.

The rip shape is more pursed compared to teacups.

Rip diameter is usually 7~9cm.



This stunning Aynsley Bailey teacup is the normal size of a teacup.

Rip diameter is usually 9~11cm.

Some of them are a little bit big or small.

Soup Bowl


A soup bowl generally has both hands and a lid.

They have a wide rip and are a little bit flat compared to teacups.

Because of their shape, many vintage soup bowls are in good condition.

I think people don’t use them frequently.