Volkstedt is the name of a suburb in Rudolstadt, Germany. And there were some porcelain manufactories that started in the mid-1700s.

On this page, I listed some marks from my collection.

Richard Eckert & Co. Marks


1894 ~ 1918(?)


1894 ~ 1918(?)



Known as being founded in 1872 in Volkstedt, Thuringia, Germany, by Richard Eckert.

Aelteste Volkstedt Marks


1894 ~ 1900s


1900s ~ 1936(?)


1900s ~ 1936(?)


1945(?) ~

"Aelteste Volkstedt" translates to "Oldest Volkstedt" in English. It indicates that the company is one of the oldest porcelain manufacturers in Volkstedt.

Anton Muller Marks


1907 ~ 1945


1962 ~

Anton Muller Volkstedt started business in Volkstedt, Germany. Later, it moved to Ireland.