Seltmann Weiden

"Seltmann Weiden" is a German porcelain manufacturer with a rich history. The company was initially established as "Porzellanfabrik Christian Seltmann" in 1910 in Weiden, Bavaria, Germany, founded by Christian Seltmann and Friedrich Wilhelm Lück.

Today, the company continues its operations under the name "Seltmann Weiden."

Here are some marks of my collection.

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Seltmann Weiden Marks


~ 1946


1949 ~

Some books say that these marks were used after 1954.

Since the period when East and West Germany were separated was from 1949 to 1990, we can assume that the product that has "Western Germany" was produced during this period.


1949(or 1954) ~


1949 ~


c.1946 ~ c.1975

"Seltmann Weiden - E" Stands for "Seltmann Weiden Erbendorf".
The company purchased "Porzellanfabrik Erbendorf G.m.b.H" factory in 1940.

Modern Marks




1990 ~