C. G. Schierholz & Sohn Porzellanmanufaktur is German porcelain manufacturer which was founded by Heuäcker Brothers in 1817.

The Heuäcker Brothers were renowned German porcelain decorators known for their exceptional work during the 19th century.

The other source: "Plaue Schierholz" refers to a renowned porcelain manufacturer that originated in Plaue, Germany, in the 18th century. The company, founded by August Schierholz.

Anyway, Christian Gottfried Schierholz took over the company in 1838.

Schierholz Marks


1865 ~ 1907

There are many similar marks.


1907 ~ 1920s


c.1910 ~ 1930









After World War II, The company was nationalized in the Soviet-occupied zone of Germany and renamed V.E.B Porzellan Manufaktur Plaue(PMP).

V.E.B stands for "Volkseigener Betrieb" in German, which translates to "People's Own Enterprise" or "Publicly Owned Operation."