Royal Vienna

Royal Vienna was actually not a company name, but Imperial and Royal Porcelain Manufactory was.

Royal Vienna porcelain originated in Vienna, Austria, in the early 18th century. The Imperial and Royal Porcelain Factory in Vienna (also known as the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory) was responsible for producing these exquisite pieces.

Including mine, most pieces of Royal Vienna beehive marks are not authentic.

Business: c.1740 ~ c.1860

Beehive Mark


This mark is a typical beehive mark.
Unfortunately, I am not sure this is authentic or not.

Royal Vienna reproduction Marks




Arnart Imports 1957~

For a long time, I mistakenly thought one of those marks was the mark of Royal Vienna.
After searching through many books, I found that all those marks were actually marks of reproduction products.


Imperial and Royal Porcelain manufactory never used ‘crown’ in mark