Moritz Zdekauer

MZ Austria, The initials "MZ" stand for Moritz Zdekauer, and "Austria" indicates the country where the porcelain was produced.

In the mid-19th century, Moritz Zdekauer's porcelain factory was established in Altrolau, which is now known as Stara Role.

Stara Role, a town in the Czech Republic (formerly part of Austria-Hungary), was a significant center for porcelain production.

Moritz Zdekauer Marks




1884 ~ 1909
Looks almost same but slightly different.



1884 ~ 1909



Moritz Zdekauer, like many other porcelain manufacturers of its time, often sold or exported its porcelain to decorators, retailers, or even other companies.

So, you can often find cover-up marks.


1909 ~ 1920s


1909 ~ 1920s


1938 ~ 45


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