Josef Kuba

You've probably seen a lot of pottery stamped with Josef Kuba's mark, but Josef Kuba is known to have no pottery-making workshop.

Therefore, I think it is right to call the company a decorative company rather than a pottery company. Many of Josef Kuba porcelains were manufactured by Heinrich and Co., Hutschenreuther and Tirschenreuth et cetera.

First, the company was founded by Josef Kuba in Czechoslovakia in 1930. After World war II reopened in Wiesau, Germany. And Closed their business in 1989.

Josef Kuba's before WWII


c.1930 ~ 45


c.1930 ~ 45


Curting couple plate


1945 ~


After WWII: 1952 ~


1952 ~


1972 ~ 89


1972 ~ 89

The design of the mark changed, and some of them were stickers.