Jäger Eisenberg

Jäger Eisenberg is a German pottery company that was founded by Wilhelm Jäger

It is known that the business was established through mergers and acquisitions with other potteries.

"Jäger" is the name of of the founder of the company. And "Eisenberg" is the name of a German city.

On this page, you can find out some marks of Eisenberg area potteries.




c.1930 ~ 50


c.1950 ~ 60


c.1950 ~ 60


c.1960 ~ 70


Exported to Soviet

Modern mark of Jäger Eisenberg


1973 ~

"SEP" is the acronym for Spezialkombinat Porzellan Eisenberg(Special combine Porcelain Eisenberg).

In the 1970s, some German potteries were nationalized and merged.