Herend Porcelain Manufactory is a renowned Hungarian porcelain manufacturer founded in 1826 by Vince Stingl.

And they still produce wonderful porcelain.

Herend has its history website. I recommend you visit the company's official website.

Link: Herend website


Apponyi pattern cup



This is Herend Apponyi pattern espresso cup.
This old Herend mark was used between 1915 ~ 1930.









Queen Victoria pattern


Queen Victoria Pot




Mark: 1960 ~

This is Herend Queen Victoria pattern teapot.
As many people know, the code number 606 means a teapot of medium size.

And VBO means pattern code. In this picture, Queen Victoria.
The Queen Victoria pattern was first introduced in 1851 in London, England, and it is said that the name was given because Queen Victoria bought it.
It's been loved for 170 years.

Nowadays, Herend sells three colors: Green, Blue, and Pink.

Student mark

This mark is usually called ‘student mark’ because the ones with this mark are supposed to be painted by students(apprentice).


Student mark

Anniversary mark


Apponyi Greens


Pot's mark: 2001


Anniversary mark: 1976

Usually the anniversary mark is framed.

Apponyi pattern


Apponyi orange color


Pink color


Green color

These are Herend Apponyi patterns.

As far as I know, there are nine different patterns in the aponi pattern in nine colors: fleur, green, pourpre, orange, jaune, blue, marron, gray, and lilas.