Hammersley's history starts in 1862. Harvey Adams, Robert George Scrivener and Titus Hammersley established the pottery.
In 1887, the name of the company became "Hammersley & Co."

For me, identifying Hammersley porcelains is a bit complicated.

According to my research, there were three mergers and acquisitions, and they changed the company name.

Around the 1970s, Hammersley was taken over by SPODE Group.


~ 1939


~ 1939


Hammersley Teacup


Mark: ~ 1939

There’s Thomas Goode & Co Ltd stamp. I can guess there was a collaboration with T. Goode in the early 1900s.


Hammersley Spode group


1939 ~

As I mentioned above, Spode Group acquired Hammersley around 1970.

Did they use the same mark or just stamp the Spode group mark?

What I can only say is that the one was shown to market after 1970.


1939 ~


1939 ~


1939 ~