There are two famous pottery studios named "Churchill".

The first is Churchill China, which was founded in 1897 in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Before that, You should know about Sampson Bridgwood. Sampson Bridgwood was a pottery manufacturer who established the Bridgwoods Pottery in Lane End, Staffordshire, England in 1795. The Bridgwoods Pottery was one of a number of small potteries who later came together to form three larger potteries in the Staffordshire District, including Churchill China.

In 1897, a group of investors, including members of the Bridgwood family, purchased a pottery factory in Stoke-on-Trent and founded Churchill China. The new company was named after Sir Winston Churchill, who was born in the town in 1874.

The second is Churchill Pottery, which is a small, family-run pottery studio based in Devon, England. Churchill Pottery is known for its unique and hand-painted pottery, which is made using traditional methods. Some of their most popular products include their mug ranges, such as the Churchill Devon Mugs and Churchill Cornish Mugs.

Frankly, I am not a big fan of Churchill china, so I haven't had many of them.







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